Red Center

After sad goodbyes from my ‘sydney-friends’ in Brisbane I headed towards the Red Center. At Sydney airport where I had a stopover I met my friend Karine who I got to know in Cairns at the very beginning of my Australia trip. As a lucky coincidence we both started travelling again around the same time after having worked for several months. So we decided to fly together to Uluru/Ayers Rock to have an outback-tour in the middle of Australia!

After landing at the smallest airport I’ve ever seen with only one small building we got picket up by Eric who would be our tourguide for the next three days. Our outback adventure began straight away with a hike around the famous Uluru! Even if I’ve seen it on many pictures before I was quite impressed to see it for real! It might seem stupid to book an expensive trip just to see a rock in the middle of nowhere but once I was there I totally understood why it was one of Australias biggest attractions. It was very impressive when we drove through the outback where everything around us was wide flat land covered with some small plants and suddenly there was this big massive red rock!

watching the sunset while enjoying some champagne

Walking around it was even more impressive as I felt so small next to it. What I most liked about it where the colours. With the clear blue sky the red of the rock and the green of the plants around it seemed so intense and it was a beautiful contrast!
After our hike we drove to a spot to see the sunset at Uluru while enjoying some champagne and snacks. It was very beautiful to watch the colours of the sky changing from blue to red, yellow, orange and purple while this big rock stand there so peacefully!

so small next to Uluru

sunset at Uluru

In the night we could choose to sleep either in a tent or under the stars in a swag, an outdoor sleepingbag. I chose the second option as I wanted to have a real outback experience and to see the stars above the Red Center! So, after our dinner and taking a hot shower I prepared my ‘bed’ next to our bonfire and crawled into my swag. It might sound very romantic to lie under the stars next to a fire in the middle of the outback but actually it was fucking cold! As it is winter at the moment the temperature can get below zero degrees Celsius during the night. So even with my four layers of clothes plus wintersleepingbag plus swag I woke up three times at night because I was so cold! Therefore, I could watch the stars and even saw a shootingstar before falling asleep after a long day!

The next day we got up super early to see the sunrise at uluru. Seeing the sun rising next to Uluru and changing the colours of the sky made me forget about my freezing previous night!

sunrise at Uluru

After that we spend the morning at Kata Tutja/Olgas hiking through the ‘valley of the winds’. It is a bit similar to Uluru just that there are several rocks next to each other instead of only one. I have to say that walking in between these big rocks and looking at the beautiful valley was even more impressive to me than the Uluru!

the valley of the winds

This night I slept way better then the previous night but when I woke up the next morning I heard a noise just next to me. As I looked into my bag suddenly a mouse came out and ran away! I was so scared that my scream woke up everyone around me! What a nice start in the day!

Our last hike in the outback was at Kings Canyon, which is more a big gorge than a Canyon. Walking along the gorge and through the rocks was a nice last hike before heading to Alice Springs.

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